Friday, April 24, 2009

Nine month Check up

Nix had his nine month check up today, the Doctor said everything was looking really good. He has sure thinned out alot since he started crawling everywhere. He has also getting the hang of pulling himself to standing and couch surfing. These are his stats. Height: 28.5 inches 50%
Weight: 19.14 pounds 50%
Head: I don't remeber the measurement but in the 50th Percentile.
What happened to 98%? Oh well, he is healthy and happy.

I also spoke too soon on the sleeping through the night. I guess it was just a one week thing, cause he's back to the normal wake up two or three times. We've even had a few nights where Blake or I would take turns watching cartoons with him at 3 o'clock in the morning cause that was the only thing that would make him fall back to sleep. So if anyone has any wonderful ideas on getting a baby to sleep please share, for my sanity!

He must know that he's cute cause this is his favorite place to hide from mommy, sitting right in front of a mirror that I haven't found a home for yet. I don't know why but whenever he goes "exploring" this is the first place he heads.
He also has gotten another tooth about a week and a half ago. So now he has his two bottom front teeth. THe dental assistant in me has to keep reminding myself that they are just baby teeth and crookedness isn't that important! Hopefully the permanent ones grow in straight, and if not I guess I have connections!

All in all he is such a good baby and brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. The bright eyes and huge smile he flashes every morning seems to make it not matter how many times I've been up in the night, or that we're awake at six thirty on a saturday morning. He's definatly a momma's boy, which I'm not complaning about. I love that he reaches for me. I just feel bad that he pushes Blake away to get to me. Don't worry honey one day it will be the other way around!
I just can't imagine life with out Nixon. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father trusted me enough to take care and raise one of his most special spirits!

Our Easter

I'm am so far behind! I know, I know, Easter was like two weeks ago. But not having Internet or a computer now at home, ours got donated to Blake's work, sure puts a damper on things.

We had such a fun Easter. Saturday we had a picnic and Easter egg hunt at Grandma Corrie and Pampa Jeff's house. Nixon had so much fun looking for the eggs (with daddy's help) he even snagged a few before Brielle or Hunter found them. I have pictures but for some reason I can't get those to download. SO I'll try and post some from Gramma Corrie's later.

Then we went and had a barbecue at Gwam Nancie and Gramp Bob's house. We also decorated Easter eggs. Nixon had lots of fun trying to tip all the cups of dye over.

The dying process.

Trying to eat an egg.

Playing with the finished project.

Grandma and Grandpa also got a cute little basket for Nixon with some fun summer outfits and other treats.

Nixon was so excited on Easter Morning to find a basket with some treats and outfits from the Easter bunny. OK I was probably more excited then he was, but shhhh its a secret.
In his basket the Easter bunny also put an Elmo movie and some bubbles, which he loves both of them!!
This is his cute Easter outfit for church, but I couldn't get a good picture of it so I'll have to try again and pretend that it was taken on Easter morning for his scrapbook.

P.S. I really need to get rid of this ugly teal couch. Maybe someday we'll be rich and can have matching furniture.

Then on Easter day (I know I broke the sabbath) I went with Corrie, Tauna, and Brielle. I must say, I probably have the best mother in law who surprised us for Christmas with tickets to WICKED

OH MY GOSH!!! I absolutely loved it! It is such an amazing play! If you get the chance to see it THEN GO!!! Ok I also read the book, not so good. It had alot of dark and sex scenes in it. You could tell it was written by a man, But the play was not at all like the book. It was so so good. I laughed I cried. It was so great.
Thanks again for taking us Corrie! Love ya!!


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