Monday, April 26, 2010


A few days before Easter, Blake and I decided that we wanted to adopt dog from the Humane Society. We went there on a Saturday and it was so busy. There were so many people there looking to adopt a dog. Right as we walked in they had a little cage with four little puppies in it. Of course we had to stop and look at them. We looked at them for a minute then decided to go in the back to look at the big dogs. There were some really sweet ones, and some really noisy ones too!! We decided to go look at those puppies one more time and the runt of the pack just caught our eyes. So we decided to get her. She is a Dachshund Lab mix... I don't even know how that is possible!!!

Seriously... How could we resist right??

The whole time we were at the shelter Nixon just kept hugging her and kissing her. It was the sweetest thing. The one time he got kinda rough just happened to be at the exact same moment that one of the workers came over to check on us. He kicked her (not hard, by any means) right in the belly. So when we told the worker that we wanted to get the puppy, she was very worried about how a toddler would react to the puppy....

Well for the most part he loves her to PIECES!!! We even let him name her.... Clarabelle (he says it so dang cute!)
They love to play together....
Sometimes get kinda rough... Maybe alot too rough!

But they always manage to kiss and make up!!
We love this little puppy to pieces. She has made herself quite at home, and has even managed to take control of our bed! Every morning the first thing Nixon says is "Clarabell?" He can't wait to get out of his crib to hug and kiss her. (And pull her tail and ears... Naughty boy!)

The last trick is potty training her!!! She is giving me a run for my money in that department!


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