Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day Off

I had a wonderful day off last Friday.
I love to take advantage of my days off and spend time with my kids. 
We usually spend the day "pretending" to do housework. 
That involves us sitting, playing, and watching movies together,
until about 10 minutes before I expect Daddy to get home. 
Then it is a mad rush to get things looking slightly put together around the house. 

Gwen and I decided to make Waffles this past Friday. 
She was a really good "helper."
She had a wonderful time 
until it was time to start cooking the batter.
As you can see she got kinda mad at me, actually I think she yelled
and as you can tell she cried. 
She just wanted to keep stirring.
She was also mad because I wouldn't let her taste the batter.
That is her favorite part about stirring anything.
Tasting the finished product.
Her very favorite things to make are
Kool-aid, and fruit salad.
I do try not to let her have anything with raw eggs in it.
I have a feeling this girl is going to be a baker when she grows up. 
She loves to help stir anything.

Our delicious homemade waffles and syrup. 
I got this fabulous recipe for homemade syrup from my mother in law. 
It is really tasty, and so easy to make. 
The only thing that takes a little getting used to is 
that it is runnier than store bought syrup. 
But it tastes much better!

I just love days at home with my kids. 
What do you love to do when you get time to spend alone time with your kids? 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nixon's Big Day

My boy is 5 years old!
I can't believe how fast time goes by.

It seems like just yesterday I was looking at his sweet little face. 
Oh wait... I was looking at his sweet face yesterday. 
But I really mean 
This Sweet little face. 

We started out our celebrating the right way. 
Presents first thing in the morning. 
Lunch where Nixon chose
(Pizza Pie Cafe)
And Mac and cheese for dinner. 
I decided to try a new baked Mac and Cheese
So we didn't just eat it from the blue box. 
It was pretty tasty and super easy!

We then had family over to open more presents, 
eat cake, and ice cream. 

Nixon was spoiled rotten by everyone.

And even go two different cakes. 

Now I think I will excuse myself
while I go in the other room and cry!
I seriously can't believe my boy 

Nixon's favorite things: 

*Movies on Netflix
*Wrestling with Dad
*Hugging Mom
*Teasing Gweny


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