Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today is my only FAVORITE Nephew's birthday. Hunter was just a few months old when Blake and I started dating, so I have been able to watch him grow up. Hunter is such a fun boy with a vibrant personality. He says and does the funniest things and keeps everyone on their toes. He is my little buddy, Blake's favorite wrestling partner, Nixon's favorite playmate, and Gwen loves watching him create a ruckus.

I was watching the kids one day for my sister in law, and he was in playing on the computer. I had quite a surprise when I got on a little bit later. He left me lots of fun surprises.

There were a few of these:

And a whole bunch of videos, that I can't download for some reason. But they are funny, use your imagination!
He is seriously a HOOT! Love this kid!

Happy Birthday Hunty Love you!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hunger Games

I seriously cannot wait for this Movie to come out!

The Hunger Games is one of my very favorite series and I can't wait to go see the movie on March 23rd.

Who else will be there with me?

Presidents Day

I sure LOVE Bankers Holidays. I got to spend all day with these sweet faces. We went to lunch at good ol' Mickey Dees so Nixon could burn some energy on the playground, since it was too cold out to play at a real Playground. Gweny was extremely Jealous and wanted to join in on the fun, the time is going to come far too soon where she will be big enough to play with the "big kids."

Then, Blake had to go to work so I had the whole evening to try and keep the kids busy and having fun. I pulled out the playdough and Nixon had a blast rolling it out and cutting shapes into it.

And Gwenyth watched with approval.
Then when she started getting bored I put her in the jumpy toy, I don't know the real name for it so I call it the jumpy toy. She Loved it! She played in there for a good 30 minutes and didn't even complain!

Are those some of the prettiest Big brown eyes you've ever seen or what?

I promise she had fun, this picture would actually make you think otherwise though.

And when we got bored of all of those activities I splurged and let them do their very favorite thing.

Nixon played with his toys. It is so funny to hear him play make believe!

And this is him taking a picture of me when he noticed I was taking pictures of him.
And Gwen Splish splashing. She goes crazy whenever her little body hits the water. She is like a fish! She absolutely LOVES the tub!

All in all it was a fun day spent together!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


For our 5th Anniversary I surprised Blake with an overnight stay in the lovely Wendover. Our Anniversary was in January, but due to work/babysitting conflicts I booked a room for last night.

My wonderful Mother in Law volunteered to take the kids and off we went.

We acted like Newlyweds again. It was awesome! We sang in the car, as loud as our lungs would allow. We held hands, and snuck kisses from each other. We giggled and played, we sat next to each other at dinner instead of on opposite sides of the table with a kid on each side. And we forgot that we had sweet little ones at home, being naughty for Grandma (ok so we didn't forget about them one bit, but we thought about trying.)

All in all we had a fun time. Blake won $80 playing Black Jack and Craps, I won $11.75 playing slots (don't forget the $0.75, I worked hard for that.) Then we both lost $20 playing Black Jack. We ended up taking home an extra $61.75, and I got the room for cheaper than I originally thought (SCORE!)

We had tons of fun, but were so excited to come home this morning and hug and kiss the kiddos, and of course hear what naughty Perfect Angels they were!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My A-Zzz I thought this was cute

Age: 26

Bed size: Queen Love the confined space and cuddling the hubbs

Chore that you hate: Cleaning toilets! And dishes and Laundry. I really don't like chores at all!

Dogs: My naughty dog Clarabelle. One day maybe she will be good

Essential start to your day: Contacts, I hate that I can't see without them and I hate wearing my glasses, they just get tugged off anyway

Favorite color: Yellow, or red

Gold or Silver: Definitely silver, although I am more into Gold lately than usual

Height: 5'7", I'm in the taller range for a woman but I am lucky that my hub is an awesome 6'5". I love that I can still wear heels!

Instruments you play: I did learn to play the violin, but I gave up due to a horribly mean teacher, I wish I hadn't though. I think it is a beautiful instrument

Job title: Bank teller, Wifey, mommy

Kids: Nixon Age 3 (Little spitfire)

Miss Gwenyth 4 Months

Live: Utah, my whole life. Beautiful state, love the mountains.

Mother’s name: Nancie, Corrie (Mom in law)

Nicknames: Trissy, Mommy, and Punkerbites (Love you dad)

Overnight hospital stays: Only when I had my babies. And I am going to count a trip to the ER where I was there for about 8 hrs for kidney stones.

Pet peeves: Bad Drivers, People who talk on the phone at the drive in/bank/anytime when someone is waiting for them,

Quote from a movie: "Sometimes we wear stretchy pants, just for fun" Nacho Libre, funny funny show! "Welp, see ya later" That one is used quite frequently at work.

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: As follows

and of course we can't forget these two hooligans. Tauna and Chad

Talent: My Grandma taught me how to paint. I love it but I haven't picked up a brush in a long time. I did win the talent title at a pageant a few years back. It was awesome!

Underwear: I used to have an addiction, now not so much

Vegetable you hate: I love veggies, can't think of one I hate

What makes you run late: Mornings, I don't know what it is. Even if I wake up earlier I can never get out the door when I want to. Maybe it's kids??

X-Rays you’ve had: Dental, ultrasounds (don't really count as "x-rays" but they are my favorite, when there is a cute baby to see!) and 2 CT scans when I had kidney stones (that they thought was appendicitis)

Yummy food that you make: Recently I made seafood alfreado that turned out delish! Also I made sweet and sour chicken and fried rice that was yum. And I have a recipe for killer Key Lime cheesecake

Zoo animal: I haven't been for a few years but I love to watch the monkeys swinging around


For Christmas Nixon got a Leap pad, it is probably the best $150 we have ever spent. Nixon absolutely loves it! He is also learning so much because he has the chance to work on writing letters, reading, drawing shapes and doing small math problems. It has been out of commission for the last couple weeks because the batteries were dead and we didn't have any other AA in the house. I finally decided to be a good mother and buy some more, from Cost-Co, 40 in the package. That is probably the best $13 that I have ever spent. He should be occupied for a few more days at least!
So cute past story about Nixon. His first day of school in September I was so nervous for him, and he didn't cry at all, but I did. Nixon is a very active and outgoing child, so at times he is hard to handle and can definitely wear a person out really fast. So I was kinda worried about his teachers and if he would be too much of a handful. When I went to pick him up from school I asked his teachers how he did and if he was good. They told me that he listened very good and didn't cry at all. But, he did have to go sit on time away for a little bit. I asked them what it was he did, because I could only imagine. They said that he "kept kissing the girls." Oh my, this kid is so funny! I seriously can't get enough of him. He is going to be a heartbreaker.

On Thursday, I decided to give Gwenyth a taste of "real" food. She had rice cereal for the first time. She wasn't really sure what to think at first. She had a little bit and did pretty good, but would push each bite out onto her lips.

Then she got mad about it. I guess she still needs to get used to the texture.

Then I found out a way to keep the food in her mouth, and her not screaming at the same time. Hit two birds with one stone as they say.
Plug it all in!
She actually liked it this way, she'd sit and suck the cereal off her binky and when it was all gone, she would spit the bink out and open up for more cereal. She is such a funny baby!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Months Old

Miss Gwenyth is 4 Months old today.
Her stats are as follows:
  • Hight: 25 1/4 in 80%
  • Weight: 13lbs 11oz 60%
  • Head: (I don't have the exact measurment with me but it is the 25%
She is right on track and doing things just like she should be. We took some pictures of her tonight with her "4 Month" Sticker. She had so much fun and was flirting with the camera.
I even got a HUGE grin out of her. She is so close to laughing, I know she will start doing it any day now.
A few things about Gwenyth:
  • She is such an easy going, sweet baby
  • She absolutely loves taking baths, and getting a lotion rubdown afterwords
  • She normally only wakes up once in the night to eat, and goes right back to sleep
  • She loves her brother so much, every time he walks in the room her eyes light up and she smiles the biggest smile.
  • She loves to be carried around. There have been a few times when I can only get housework done is if I am carrying her. She must want to learn all the cleaning tricks at an early age so she can start helping with chores!
  • She also loves to be snuggled, especially by her daddy. She already has him wrapped right around her little tiny finger.

I also thought it would be kind of fun to take some pictures of her hair growth, or lack thereof! She has a few hairs on top that are overachievers and are seriously like 5 inches long. The rest of them are pathetic.

The back is just funny altogether. She has a really dark patch, her ducktail as I like to call it, and a really bald spot that she had rubbed off. Hopefully it will start to grow in nicely back there.
She also had her very first pedicure the other day. It didn't go so well. You can't really tell in this picture, but there was polish EVERYWHERE! Those are some dang cute baby toes though!


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