Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Already???

I can't belive that it is already almost Christmas. This year has just flown by so fast for all of us here. I am such a slacker blogger... But I guess some things are better late then never. (I still haven't posted my cute little monster from Halloween! Oh gosh where has the time gone.) Maybe I'll play catch up later and just post the now stuff :)

I had to include these two pictures. Doesn't he look so grown up! I can't believe how big he is getting. He is almost 18 months now. He is talking like crazy. Most of it is jibber jabber that doesn't make sense to anyone, but himself. I think he likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Some words he says are "trink" (drink) "meme" (binkie) "mankie" (blankie) "nigh nigh" (he runs toward his room and tells us goodnight when he is ready for a nap or to go to bed for the night. Its really so so cute, I hope that he keeps this up. I'm not looking forward to the days when we fight to go to bed.) "daeee" (daddy) "mahee" ( mommy) "opa" (grandpa, or papa) "ammy" (grammy) "crakr" (cracker emphasis on the K) and many many more. He is also at the stage where he tries to repeat everything that Mommy or Daddy says.

So here is our Christmas tree. I absolutly love my Christmas tree and other decorations. Maybe I should post some pics of the rest of it! I love to decorate for Christmas. I think I got that trait from my Mother.

I think we are already for Christmas time. I know this may look like it should be a picture from Christmas morning, but it isn't. I think Blake and I kinda went a little bit crazy this year. Hopefully Santa listened to us when we told him not to SPLURGE! I guess we'll see about that. (Not all of these are for Nixon either, actually only a few of them are. The rest are for our family so don't worry about that.)

Nixon getting into trouble, again..... He is always touching the tree and he knows that mommy doesn't like it when he does it. So as he is walking up to touch an ornament he says "no no" and looks at me to see if I am going to react. He sure pushes the limit.

This is him new ball blow up toy that he got from one of the cousins from a Family Christmas party. He is so in love with it! Every morning when he wakes up he runs up to it and dives in yelling "BALLS", and I mean he literally dives into it. It is so funny to see.

Here he is throwing the balls out one of the holes on the back. That is his favorite thing to do, especially if daddy is throwing them back at him.

Here we are playing in the snow. One of our cousins at our family Christmas party had this really cool sled just for little little kids that you can pull them around. He had so much fun being pulled around in the snow, he was giggleing so hard!

I know it doesn't sound like it would be hard to pull a toddler around in the snow... BUT IT IS!!! I could only do it for about five minutes cause my muscles started to ache. I'm pathetic, I know.

Cute Nixon playing in the snow for the first time this season. He had so much fun. He kept saying "no?" (snow, its so funny cause when he says it, it sounds like he is asking a question.)
Cute cheesey smile.
Not too sure if he should touch it.


Helping Daddy shovel.

We went with Grandma Corrie to her work party at the Megaplex theater in Ogden. We watched up, had popcorn and treats, and got to visit SANTA! As you can tell Nixon was thrilled to be standing so close to him. The rest of the kids were excited to see him. Too bad he was in a big hurry to get back to the North Pole that he didn't have time for all of the kids to sit on his lap. He did have time for a few pictures and to give the kids a goodie bag filled with little toys and some treats! I love my neices and nephew, they are just growing up so fast! Thanks for letting us go with you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Pictures 2009

This is just going to have to be a preview of our family pictures. We had so much fun getting them taken at Wheeler Farm. Thanks Amy, you did such a great job!

More to come soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I finally have internet at my house!

Now I just need to play catch up on all that has been going on in our busy lives. First and foremost I want to wish my baby brother good luck! He is leaving this Wednesday Oct 14 to go to the MTC where he will learn all that he need to know to teach the people of St. Louis MS about the true church! I am so excited for him. I know he is going to do such a good job at teaching the people about his testimony and beliefs! Good Luck Colt! We'll miss you!

Here is some pics from the day he got his Mission Call. It was such a bitter sweet day!

Nixon and Uncle Colten before he opened his letter.

Reading his letter outloud.

Showing it off.

Don't be mad at me Mom for putting this on there. I lie it even if you don't! Colt with mom and dad

Most of the wonderful Men in my life. Aren't they a good looking bunch!

More to come shortly! I need to download some more pics onto my computer!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big Number ONE!!

My baby boy turned 1 Year old on July 10th. I still can't believe that my little boy has been in my life for a whole year now, though it is hard to remember my life without him in it! 
We had such a fun day! This is how it started out, opening presents from Daddy and Mommy... 

He is spoiled rotten!

He loves his new 4- wheeler! Especially when his daddy pushes him around on it! He also got some new clothes, and some Elmo DVD's, that is his very favorite show!
Then on Saturday the 11th we had a little party for him. Thanks so much everyone that came, we were so excited to see you and so glad that we got to share this special day with you!  
Here are some pictures of the cute cakes that Great Grandma Doris and Grandma Nancie made for Nixon. In case you can't tell we had a truck/ car/ moving theme 

Grandma Nancie put this one all together. It took her one whole day! It turned out so cute, these pictures don't do it justice!

And here is Nixon's own personal cake that Grandma Doris worked so hard on. It was so perfect and adorable!
Picking at it. 
He was being a little bit too shy so Daddy helped him dig right on in.
Next we opened a ton of presents. Nixon was so spoiled by all of our family and friends! He got lots of trucks, and lots of clothes, he made out like a bandit!
Concentrating hard!

"I love trucks and things that move"

This was by far his favorite part. Playing in all the tissue paper that his Uncles wrapped his gift in
Thanks again everyone for everything we love you!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who needs toys....

When you've got a box of recycle paper to play with!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nixon's nine month pictures (A little Late)

One of my good friends is toying around in photography and agreed to take pictures of my little monster. I think they turned out great! She is really good at what she does, especially for just starting out! check out her photography blog at Thanks again Tashina, your awesome!

I love this one both ways.

He absolutely loved the bubbles!

And I love the look on his face in this one. This is so Nixon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Got my car back

SO I don't know if I've mentioned that Nixon and I have been in a total of FOUR car accidents since December, and only one of them was my fault. Even though it was really the icy roads fault, and some jerk guy that went around me on the left so I couldn't swerve to miss the car in front of me. Another one was when the deer ran in front of me, the other was the hood flying up on the freeway after I left Jiffy Lube, which they are still refusing to pay for the damages. SO NO ONE EVER GO TO JIFFY LUBY AGAIN, PASS THE MESSAGE ON TO EVERYONE!!! And finally the last one, a lady decided it would be a good idea to pull a U turn into the side of my car. SO I was just about to the point of quitting driving altogether. I just decided that I didn't feel comfortable taking the bus everywhere. So I'm going to take my chances one more time. If it happens again then I'm sorry honey, but you'll be my chauffeur.

All I have to say, is the Lord was truly watching out for Nixon and I during every single one of these accidents. I am so thankful for the protection that we have had! I really think that I have Guardian Angels watching over and protecting Nix and I.

So I took my car in to the body shop to get all the damages repaired. Thank goodness for insurance thats all I have to say! I took it in the second week of April after the last accident, and finally just got it back on tuesday of this week. I wanted so bad to tell the Shop to just keep it cause it is bad luck and may be possesed! But I decided that I had to take the rental car back. I was really starting to like my rental car, except for the fact that it stunk inside, like smoke. That is the worst! Especially when it gets hot in there, its suffocating!

Well we have the car back and are praying for good luck. Honestly, how much more damage could happen to it! SO keep your fingers crossed that this is the end of my bad luck!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nine month Check up

Nix had his nine month check up today, the Doctor said everything was looking really good. He has sure thinned out alot since he started crawling everywhere. He has also getting the hang of pulling himself to standing and couch surfing. These are his stats. Height: 28.5 inches 50%
Weight: 19.14 pounds 50%
Head: I don't remeber the measurement but in the 50th Percentile.
What happened to 98%? Oh well, he is healthy and happy.

I also spoke too soon on the sleeping through the night. I guess it was just a one week thing, cause he's back to the normal wake up two or three times. We've even had a few nights where Blake or I would take turns watching cartoons with him at 3 o'clock in the morning cause that was the only thing that would make him fall back to sleep. So if anyone has any wonderful ideas on getting a baby to sleep please share, for my sanity!

He must know that he's cute cause this is his favorite place to hide from mommy, sitting right in front of a mirror that I haven't found a home for yet. I don't know why but whenever he goes "exploring" this is the first place he heads.
He also has gotten another tooth about a week and a half ago. So now he has his two bottom front teeth. THe dental assistant in me has to keep reminding myself that they are just baby teeth and crookedness isn't that important! Hopefully the permanent ones grow in straight, and if not I guess I have connections!

All in all he is such a good baby and brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. The bright eyes and huge smile he flashes every morning seems to make it not matter how many times I've been up in the night, or that we're awake at six thirty on a saturday morning. He's definatly a momma's boy, which I'm not complaning about. I love that he reaches for me. I just feel bad that he pushes Blake away to get to me. Don't worry honey one day it will be the other way around!
I just can't imagine life with out Nixon. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father trusted me enough to take care and raise one of his most special spirits!

Our Easter

I'm am so far behind! I know, I know, Easter was like two weeks ago. But not having Internet or a computer now at home, ours got donated to Blake's work, sure puts a damper on things.

We had such a fun Easter. Saturday we had a picnic and Easter egg hunt at Grandma Corrie and Pampa Jeff's house. Nixon had so much fun looking for the eggs (with daddy's help) he even snagged a few before Brielle or Hunter found them. I have pictures but for some reason I can't get those to download. SO I'll try and post some from Gramma Corrie's later.

Then we went and had a barbecue at Gwam Nancie and Gramp Bob's house. We also decorated Easter eggs. Nixon had lots of fun trying to tip all the cups of dye over.

The dying process.

Trying to eat an egg.

Playing with the finished project.

Grandma and Grandpa also got a cute little basket for Nixon with some fun summer outfits and other treats.

Nixon was so excited on Easter Morning to find a basket with some treats and outfits from the Easter bunny. OK I was probably more excited then he was, but shhhh its a secret.
In his basket the Easter bunny also put an Elmo movie and some bubbles, which he loves both of them!!
This is his cute Easter outfit for church, but I couldn't get a good picture of it so I'll have to try again and pretend that it was taken on Easter morning for his scrapbook.

P.S. I really need to get rid of this ugly teal couch. Maybe someday we'll be rich and can have matching furniture.

Then on Easter day (I know I broke the sabbath) I went with Corrie, Tauna, and Brielle. I must say, I probably have the best mother in law who surprised us for Christmas with tickets to WICKED

OH MY GOSH!!! I absolutely loved it! It is such an amazing play! If you get the chance to see it THEN GO!!! Ok I also read the book, not so good. It had alot of dark and sex scenes in it. You could tell it was written by a man, But the play was not at all like the book. It was so so good. I laughed I cried. It was so great.
Thanks again for taking us Corrie! Love ya!!


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