Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday

A little blog shout out,
for this sweet girl I work with.

This was us on Halloween
{obviously we don't dress in capes on the daily... maybe we should}
we were Witches.
Les and I were the ONLY ones
working upstairs that day.
Don't worry,
we made the best of it.

I'm so glad that I get to work next to Les,
we are more alike then we ever knew.
We both know the most important things in life,
Dirty cokes,
and pens
lots and lots of pens!

I'm glad that I have been
able to get to know her a little bit better.
She is sweet,
and thoughtful.
She is a wonderful mother,
and always thinking about her family.

She listens when I need to vent,
and vents when I need to listen.
She helps me when I need it,
and doesn't laugh at my stupid questions.

She is smart,
and loves to write
and she is good at it too! 
{check out her running blog}

I hope that you have a  Happy Happy Birthday Leslee!
Thanks for being such a good friend!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
From us to you!

Nixon talked Santa's ear off.
I had to ask him to stop so I could get a pic.

Not a fan, obviously.
We will try again next year!

Wishing all a Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Snow Day

The other day,
it snowed
like a ton of snow.
Blake was out plowing,
the kids and I were staying in where
it is warm.

Miss Gweny,
Was running around the house
Butt naked.
She says
"Mom inna play in the snow"
So I opened the door,
just to see what she'd do.
She stands in the doorway for about
a minute and says,
"burr mom, cold toes I need socks."

I thought it was so funny
because she didn't care that
her little bum or hands
would be cold.
Just that her toes were.

To go on further with the story,
she came back wearing
a pair of Nixon's undies,
and two mismatched boots
minus the socks.

Such a silly silly girl!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jammin' Friday

How incredibly awesome is this!! 
We have a house that does something similar just up the hill from us.
It is a holiday tradition for us to park in front
and watch the show. 

I hope you enjoy it too!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013



The best cure for a hard day.
And it is amazing to me that my sweet 2 year old
knew that was just what I needed yesterday.

So many days,
I feel like I'm being pulled in so
many different directions.
I don't know which way I should go first.
Being stretched so thin.

That was my day yesterday.
So many requests
from so many people around me,
very little understanding 
No patience.

At bedtime,
reading and singing to my sweet daughter,
she did something to make me laugh.
I laughed, and she continued,
Growing more and more pronounced.
Then giggling until tears
poured from both our eyes.

The innocence of a child.
With the spirit of the Holy Ghost surrounding her.
Knowing what I needed most
to brighten my day
was a little silliness and a good dose of laughter.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Jammin' Friday

I don't know why but I love this song. 
I think it has such a good rhythm 
and it just makes me want to dance.
I especially love the sound of the accordion used. 
And the view in the video is spectacular!

Have a listen! 
Did you like it?   

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My dear sweet Children

Once again linking up with Mama Kat and her writing workshop.

This week was so easy for me to choose.
3. Something your child did or said this week that made you smile.

Well let me start off by saying
that when Nixon first said this it made me cry.
I was having a bad day,
and for some lame reason
I was taking it out on everyone around me
which just happened to be my little family.
Nixon said to me
"mom, I love you even if your mean."

I couldn't believe it!
He told me I was mean!
How dare he!

But now looking back at it,
I was mean.
I was being a big selfish brat.
But I'm so so glad that Nixon knows
that he can tell me how he feels,
and is not afraid.
That we have that type of relationship.
Even if I bawled uncontrolably after his remark.

But even more.
I'm glad that he still loves me,
even when I am mean.
It means the world to me!

A few other sweet comments from my darling kids.

 as she is swinging our poor little Jingle Joe by the feet{elf on the shelf}
"MOMM! Look I found Joe!"
P.s. In case you don't know,
your not supposed to touch the elf on the shelf because he might loose his magic!
Whoops Sorry Joe,
We really hope you can come back tomorrow!

"Mom, I'm the big bad wolf.
I will huff and puff and blow your house down."
She is slightly obsessed with the 3 Little Pigs at the moment.

Sitting in church, leans over
and says {not so quietly}
"mom, I love you"
The lady in front of us turned around and said,
"oh that is just the sweetest"

Belching and burping
"Excuse me"
I said "Nixon, stop burping"
"But Mom, I said EXCUSE ME!
that makes it ok"

And the one that I will never forget,
although it was ages ago.
Nixon likes me to lay with him in bed for a little while
he's rubbing my face and my hair,
N: Mom you nice soft skin
Me: thanks buddy
N: Mom you have such pretty eyes
Me: Oh thank you.
N: Mom you have such awesome hair.
N: Mom you have such awesome all your body parts!
Leave it to a 5 year old to make you feel
the very best!

What funny things have your kids said that you won't ever forget.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spiritual Thought Sunday

 I recently read a conference talk given by
President Thomas S. Monson.
I thought it fit perfectly with this Thanksgiving season.
Even though Thanksgiving has passed,
and the Christmas season is now quickly upon us
I am trying hard to be thankful all year round.

He spoke about how most often we take the
things that are most important to us for granted,
These are not worldly things,
these are usually those people who are closest
and most dear to us.

President Gordon B. Hinkley said
"When you walk with gratitude, you do not walk with arroance and conceit and egotism,
you walk with the spirit of thanksgiving that is becoming to you
and will bless your lives."

Thomas S. Monson said
"Sincerely giving thanks not only helps us recognize our blessings,
but it also unlocks the doors of heaven and helps us feel God's love."

I hope that you will join with me in
showing sincere thanks year round.
I know I feel so much better
 when I count
the many blessings that God has given me.
And recognize how loved I am.

 You can read the talk here
it is amazing!


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