Saturday, March 15, 2008

New mommy

I am so so excited to be a mommy. Its kind of scary knowing that i am going to be in charge of a new life. Knowing that i have to be the one who makes sure he is not hungry, he is warm, learns everything that it needs to know, grows up to be a good man.

I am so excited to take on these challenges. And i am so thankful for a loving family who will be there every step of the way. I am so glad i have such a loving husband who couldn't be any happier than to be a daddy!

I can't wait until July!!


  1. Oh yay! You started a blog! How fun! I love it! If you look on my blog Natalie Sandall(Allen) and Nichole Langston have blogs too. And Shannon and Joni and my mom and sister and brother... I love it!! It is so much fun! I am so excited for you and blake to have a little boy! I find out next thursday, HOPEFULLY, what im having! You will love being a mom.. its scary but the most rewarding thing in the world! You will do great! So are you only working 2 days at the dentist? We need to do lunch! so i can see how big you are!!

  2. hey momma i'm so excited for you to be a mom and share the joy me and dev feel everyday. glad you are blogging... i wanna see your belly too dang it



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