Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Blake and I got the chance to go to the Jazz game the other night. They played the LA Lakers. It was such a fun and exciting game. The Jazz played pretty well, they were ahead by at least 10 up until the end of the fourth quarter and LA caught up. They went into overtime. The Jazz ended up winning 123 to 115! It was a really fun game to go watch. Blake got so into it that he lost his voice and is still trying to find it!


  1. so is that friday night when david archuleta sang? i wish i could have heard him sing.. sounds like the game was cool too! i was excited that they won!

  2. Sounds like my husband, and we were watching it at home! How fun, We love the Jazz!

  3. how fun! my parents went to like 5 of the play off games and I was so jealous! how fun... did the baby go crazy with all the noise? or maybe they just fell asleep??? Are you having a baby shower??? I wanna get you something so you will have to let me know!



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