Friday, July 18, 2008

Peek a boo and Daddy and Mommy

Nixon loves to touch his face. No matter how tight we wrap him with his arms down in his blanket he always manages to get his arms free and puts his hands up by his face.

This was so cute the other day, he acted like he was playing peek a boo. But he was really sleeping

Nixy and Daddy

Nixon and Mommy

When we took the blanket off of him this is how he was laying.


  1. I bet you are so in love! He is so cute! Emery does that with her arms and face too, and she still does it! I bet he will like to bring a blankey up to his face! He is so dang cute! I'm so happy for you. Are you going to Halli's bridal shower tonight?

  2. oh they become booby lovers way too soon... ha ha that makes me laugh. sorry i have been out of town this weekend!! i been thinking about you. how is everything? he is already a week and a few days old!! crazy!!! i love the pictures

  3. Hey! This is your long lost dancin friend Jenessa! I found your blog off of Kami's. I love your blog it is so darn cute! And your lil guy! He is a cute as a button. He is just precious. Congrats!!! You will make a great mommy!

  4. Congrats on such a sweet little boy! I agree with Devyn, I had a little boy in April and the boobs are the favorite! Best of luck with you sweet little one!

  5. Oh Tristen he is so cute! I miss Molly being that small. Before you know it he'll be 7 months old!! They are so cute when their that little and it just keeps getting better everyday! And everyday gets so much more fun and a lot easier. I know everyone says it goes by so fast but really.. it goes by so fast! Love all the pictures! He is so dang cute!! Congratulations!!



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