Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The ABC (all about me) Tag

A- Attatched or single- Definately attatched! I love my hubby
B- Best friends- Blake, my mom, and my high school cheer friends.
C-Cake or pie- probably pie as long as it is warm and has ice cream too
D-Day-Everyday! I love working with Blake now and I can see him everyday
E-Essential items- A book, I carry one almost everywhere with me
F-Favorite color- Any color really, but I like pink today
G- Gummy bear or worms- Worms
H-Hometown- West point
I-Indulgences- Coke but I can't have it right now cause I think it's bad on Nixon's tummy
J-January or July- Gosh thats tough, January is my anniversary and July is Nixon's birthday Both I guess.
K- Kids- One wonderful boy! He's the sweetest thing.
L-Life is incomplete without- my family definitely. Blake and Nixon are everything to me. And I am so grateful for our parents and siblings as well. They come running whenever we need anything!
M- Marriage date- January 20, 2007
N-Number of siblings- 3 brothers and a sister in law
O- Oranges or apples- Oranges if they are sweet and juicy
P-Phobias or fears- Spiders and the dark
Q- Quote- "Life isn't the amount of breaths we take, it the moments that take our breaths away"
R- Reason to smile- Because life is so perfect
S- Season- I love all the seasons, thats why I like Utah so much is cause we get a good variety of each
T- Tag- Devyn and Tauna
U- Unknown fact about me- I love to paint and draw, although I haven't done it for awhile.
V- Vegan or oppressor of animals- Um I like meat.
W- Worst habit- Procrastinating
X- X rays or ultrasounds- Not any more but ultrasounds. I loved to see my baby
Y- Your favorite food- Mashed potatoes with lots of gravy, Mexican food, and rootbeeer floats
Z- Zodiac sign- Libra


  1. what a fun little abc game! I love coke too!! Diet coke anyway, but I gave it up since I found out I was pregnant. Thanks so much for your advice. Im so excited to be a mommy and terrified at times. I think more so recently cause I seem to be WAY emotional. Nixon is soo cute! How old is he? Oh and as soon as I read your fav food (mash potatoes) I wanted some immediately :)

  2. Hey Tristen!! I got your comment and was excited to hear from ya! Your baby is darling.



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