Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Already???

I can't belive that it is already almost Christmas. This year has just flown by so fast for all of us here. I am such a slacker blogger... But I guess some things are better late then never. (I still haven't posted my cute little monster from Halloween! Oh gosh where has the time gone.) Maybe I'll play catch up later and just post the now stuff :)

I had to include these two pictures. Doesn't he look so grown up! I can't believe how big he is getting. He is almost 18 months now. He is talking like crazy. Most of it is jibber jabber that doesn't make sense to anyone, but himself. I think he likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Some words he says are "trink" (drink) "meme" (binkie) "mankie" (blankie) "nigh nigh" (he runs toward his room and tells us goodnight when he is ready for a nap or to go to bed for the night. Its really so so cute, I hope that he keeps this up. I'm not looking forward to the days when we fight to go to bed.) "daeee" (daddy) "mahee" ( mommy) "opa" (grandpa, or papa) "ammy" (grammy) "crakr" (cracker emphasis on the K) and many many more. He is also at the stage where he tries to repeat everything that Mommy or Daddy says.

So here is our Christmas tree. I absolutly love my Christmas tree and other decorations. Maybe I should post some pics of the rest of it! I love to decorate for Christmas. I think I got that trait from my Mother.

I think we are already for Christmas time. I know this may look like it should be a picture from Christmas morning, but it isn't. I think Blake and I kinda went a little bit crazy this year. Hopefully Santa listened to us when we told him not to SPLURGE! I guess we'll see about that. (Not all of these are for Nixon either, actually only a few of them are. The rest are for our family so don't worry about that.)

Nixon getting into trouble, again..... He is always touching the tree and he knows that mommy doesn't like it when he does it. So as he is walking up to touch an ornament he says "no no" and looks at me to see if I am going to react. He sure pushes the limit.

This is him new ball blow up toy that he got from one of the cousins from a Family Christmas party. He is so in love with it! Every morning when he wakes up he runs up to it and dives in yelling "BALLS", and I mean he literally dives into it. It is so funny to see.

Here he is throwing the balls out one of the holes on the back. That is his favorite thing to do, especially if daddy is throwing them back at him.

Here we are playing in the snow. One of our cousins at our family Christmas party had this really cool sled just for little little kids that you can pull them around. He had so much fun being pulled around in the snow, he was giggleing so hard!

I know it doesn't sound like it would be hard to pull a toddler around in the snow... BUT IT IS!!! I could only do it for about five minutes cause my muscles started to ache. I'm pathetic, I know.

Cute Nixon playing in the snow for the first time this season. He had so much fun. He kept saying "no?" (snow, its so funny cause when he says it, it sounds like he is asking a question.)
Cute cheesey smile.
Not too sure if he should touch it.


Helping Daddy shovel.

We went with Grandma Corrie to her work party at the Megaplex theater in Ogden. We watched up, had popcorn and treats, and got to visit SANTA! As you can tell Nixon was thrilled to be standing so close to him. The rest of the kids were excited to see him. Too bad he was in a big hurry to get back to the North Pole that he didn't have time for all of the kids to sit on his lap. He did have time for a few pictures and to give the kids a goodie bag filled with little toys and some treats! I love my neices and nephew, they are just growing up so fast! Thanks for letting us go with you!

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  1. Good to see another post:) I am the slacker! Your christmas tree looks awesome! I love the decorations you have. We had one of those sleds too, and it is suprisingly hard to pull!!! Well I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas



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