Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Easter a Little late

We had such a fun Easter. We woke up that morning and the Easter Bunny remembered us. For some reason I forgot to take a picture of all the things Nixon woke up to. But it was a big basket full of mostly candy, a few little toys, and of course his cute new church outfit!

And a pic of Nixon and Mommy, I couldn't get him to look at the camera so this was the best of them!

After church we went to Woodland Park to celebrate with some of Blake's family. This park is so fun, it is in Farmington and when you pull off the main road into the park it looks like you just entered a great camping area. They have little hiking trails, and even a river. The trails were a huge hit with Nixon. He kept wandering off down one or another of them, and occasionally grabbing some random family members hand to go with him. His favorites wer Aunt Teece and Uncle Bob. They were such good sports to go with Nixon on all of his adventures that day.
We had a nice BBQ with burgers and a large choice of sides and drinks. Then after dinner the kids were able to search in the grass and trees for easter eggs filled with prizes and candy. They first let the little kids go so they had a chance to find some eggs. After about 5 minutes they let the big kids come.

I thought this picture was so fun and showed just how excited the kids were to go hunting for eggs!
Putting eggs in his basket

Nixon and mommy looking for eggs

This one is really blurry but I think he just looks so big!! He is growing so fast!
Nixon liked eating the candy he found more then trying to find more to put in his basket!

Blake's cute cousin Haley loves playing with Nixon.

Nixon and daddy at the Park

Nixon loves playing with Daddy, and Daddy pretty much lets him get away with anything. Including sticking random objects in his mouth!
On the ride home from the Park. Nixon was so tired and had so much fun. The whole was home he kept saying "Aunt Teece, hold hand." We'll have to go there again soon just so Nixon can go on the fun trails again.

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