Monday, August 9, 2010

4th of July

(I know this is really late, but its mostly for my own benefit, since this is kinda like a journal for me!)
We had such a great 4th of July, we spent it like we do every year. First we went to Grandma and Grandpa Cooks to watch the parade. Their house is on the parade route so we always go there early, have breakfast, then watch the parade.

This is Nixon, Mommy and some friends waiting for the parade to start. They wind was blowing so hard to it was kinda cold. We had to find blankets in Grandma Greats house to keep us all from shivering.

Nixon and Grandma Nancie watching the parade, trying to get lots of candy.

Nixon and Grandpa Bob watching the floats, he caught a frisbee!

My Grandpa Cook had an old tractor that he used to use to plow all his fields, when he sold some of his property to the church for church farms he sold his old tractor too. The man who bought it from him fixed it up and lets Grandpa drive it during the parade. We let Nixon jump up on it when it was going past and he had so much fun! Even still he asks me when he can ride Grandpa Great's tractor again.

After the parade we spent another good portion of the day at the West Point Park. They always have so many fun things to do and see.
Nixon riding in his stroller, he was such a good boy and sat in here for quite awhile. Which is unusual at this point. He wants to be a big boy and run around like the big kids!

Then he participated in the Toddler Trot. I thought for sure he was going to win it. He is very very fast and I can't usually keep up with him.

Ready, Set Go!! He won first place in the first heat and had to compete in the second heat. He ran so fast to Mommy

In the second heat he got kinda vicious trying to push the other kids out of the way. "Eye on the prize." He didn't really push anyone, but it looks like it in this shot!

Nixon ran really fast in the second heat, but hesitated right at the beginning. He ended up taking second place, but still took home a great prize.

We went and watched fireworks later that night at Eaglewood Golf Course. Nixon loved them and didn't want them to end. Blake hates the fireworks for the sole reason of the traffic they create when they end. He thought he was being tricky and took the long way down the mountain knowing that no one else would even think to go that way. He knows his way really well in that area because he has done alot of work up there at the big homes.
We are driving at the great speed and know that we are going to beat everyone else home, then the traffic began. We sat in the darn traffic FOREVER!! We ended up getting home 45 minutes after the rest of the family did. Blake was furious! His plan backfired on him! I thought it was kinda funny.....

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