Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nixon was tagged!

Thanks Megan this one is fun. Sorry it took me so long to get to it!
RULES: Tell five things about your kids that people might not know, and you have to do all of your kids!

1. Nixon thinks he is a big boy. The very first day he was born he was trying to hold his head up all by himself, and he is always wanting to stand or sit. He doesn't like to just lay there ever. He loves his bumbo, and his swing cause that is more sitting then laying

2. He loves his froggy blankie, he always wants to cuddle it. He has to have it with him in his car seat whenever we go for a ride to hold on to. He also loves to cuddle it during his naps.

3. He is a snuggle bunny, especially when he gets sleepy. He wants to be held close then he'll snuggle his nose down it the crook of my arm or my armpit, or this case the blanket. Then he'll fall asleep.

4. He doesn't like the dark! I know he takes after his mommy. When we are driving at night he will scream and scream until we get to where there are a lot of city lights then he'll stop. Until we go on another dark road then he'll scream some more. It is the funniest thing!

5. He likes to watch sports. It doesn't matter what kind of sport it is he'll just sit there quietly and watch it. He loves to watch them with daddy. Dad doesn't really like it when he watches sports with mecause it's usually something like dancing with the stars. I think he was watching football in this one.

I tag Jen M, Nichole, Natalie, Kathy, and Tauna


  1. i need to do this tag too. cute stuff. nixon is such a cutie pie. i just wanna mash him. i need to come love on him sometime. maybe you will bring him to dinner with friends on saturday?? and i can love him then?

  2. Are you kiddin me!? Your little guy is so so stinking cute! I love the picture with him sittin in his bumbo! SO adorable! He really is so precious! I love those pictures and all the cute things he loves! I think it is so funny he love watchin sports. I bet he'll be so good!

  3. Oh I love it when they snuggle. He is such a handsome little guy. I love all the pictures. I hope I can see him again sometime soon. We need to start having play dates or something with all these mammas around.

  4. He is adorable. I love that serious face he has! He looks a lot like his daddy, huh? That's so cute he always wants to be big. I need to get my girls a bumbo, it looks really great!

  5. Nixon is so cute!!! He's a good mix between the two of you :) Beautiful family, Tristen. I love reading your blog!



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