Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I just wanted to say that I haven't posted for a long time because I lost my camera cord that puts pictures on the computer. A post just isn't the same without pictures of Nixon in it, Right...

We have been doing good though, our house is coming close to being done, hopefully we'll be able to move next week or so. I've been busy painting the house (and after I find my camera I'll post a picture of the project I've been working on for Nixon's room, I think it is turing out cute so far) and Blake has been busy working on the pavers in the driveway. He is having so much fun learning something new. It's going to look so awesome when we are done!

We didn't do much on Halloween, Nixon had the cutest costume though! He didn't like to wear it as much as he liked to rub the soft material on his face. Picture of that will be posted at a later time as well.

We went to Abby Jade's blessing on Sunday. Scott did such a good job and her dress was so pretty! She is such a sweet baby, and so beautiful! I think she looks more and more like Devyn everytime I see her. Go to Devyn's blog to see pics.

More to be posted later! See ya


  1. oh it isnt the same without pictures. but im glad you posted! miss you! im so glad you got to come to her blessing!! love you!!

  2. Bummer about your camera! I hate that. Congrats on your house almost being done that is soo exciting!! I can't wait to see it. And I have been dying to make something crafty for Haydens room but can't decide on what yet. Maybe I'll be able to live through your craftiness and be inspired!

  3. Nixon is so darling! That stinks about your camera, I want to see pictures:o)

  4. thats so funny you were there too. we did have lots of fun, even though the blazers lost... and that blazers fan vs the bear thing was crazy! cory thinks it was a set up, but i dont know the guy was really mad!



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