Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our busy saturday

Here are a few pictures of everything we've done today.

Blake's project

Blake has been teaching himself how to do outdoor pavers. He likes to do new things, and get creative with them. These are a couple pictures of the circles he has made in the front of the house by the driveway and front sidewalk to the door. They are looking so awesome. These pictures don't do them justice! He spent the whole day laying sand, making the pattern out, laying pavers, hammering them down with a rubber mallet and nailing in the edging that keeps the pavers in line. He came out with only a few minor injuries from the mallet. When I went out at one time to check on him, he had his thumb taped with duct tape. When I looked at it he told me how he had hit it so hard that it was dripping blood and that was the only thing he could do to stop it from bleeding. Then to make matters worse his cousin dropped a paver on it. Such bad luck. But they are looking so good!

Tristen's project

I decided to paint a picture in Nixon's room. It has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. It's still a work in progress but I think it is coming along great. Just to explain it a little bit, it is going to be like you are standing in a jungle tent looking out at the animals. Then in one corner there is a monkey that will be hanging by a rope.
I just hope that NIxon will appreciate it when he is a little older. I know that his cousins think it's pretty cool. I just finished doing the animals today and every day Brielle and Hunter would look at it and tell me that I needed to put eyes on the animals. They will be so excited to see that Nixon's animals finally have eyes.


  1. You painted that? Wow!! You are an amazing painter. It looks awesome!! I wish I could do that!!

  2. His room is going to be so so cute! It looks amazing already! Wrapping thumb in duct tape, is such a guy thing! But your husband did a great job on the pavers!

  3. good job blake. im excited to see everything when its finished! the animals turned out so adorable! i love them!!!

  4. You and Blake are amazing! The pavers outside will be so awesome and I had no idea you could paint. It is so cute. Nixon will LOVE it! I hope you have better luck this next week, seems like you had quite the week... Blake having to duct tape his finger and the whole deer thing is insane! I'm glad that you and Nix are ok, the whole thing sounds terrifying. I would have been hysterical.

  5. WOW for both of you! Blake has done a great job and so have you! I never knew you drew and painted. I know he will love it!

  6. Wow, good work to both of you! Both projects look amazing!

  7. wow! I didn't know that you were such an artist - I'm so impressed!



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