Sunday, January 24, 2010

18 Months.... and Nursery

I can't believe that Nixon is already 18 months old... (I guess now he is closer to 19 months, oh well) Time has just flown by so fast for me. I am going to admit that I was looking forward to the day when he would be 18 months old so he could go to nursery. It helped me to not dread church so much. Once he started walking, he was too much to handle in Sunday School and in Relief Society. We spent most of the time out in the hall because he was very loud and distracting. He is also such a busy boy that it was very hard to find anything that would catch his attention for more then about 3 seconds. It didn't help that Sunday School fell at the same time he normally naps. So needless to say it was a bitter sweet, but mostly sweet day for me when he finally reached the age to go to nursery. Here are some pictures I took that morning in one of his cute church outfits.

The fist time in Nursery I was actually kinda worried that he would scream for me, so I stayed with him the whole time. I was wrong, he could have cared less and I could have totally just left him there. I think it helped that his sweet cousin is in nursery too. Jaycie took him right in and showed him the ropes. The best toys to play with and how to sit quietly during singing time etc... Now whenever I take him he just runs right in to find the toys.
(Is this one of the sweetest faces you've ever seen or what!!)
I am so thankful for my sweet boy and the joy and happiness he brings into my life each day. I am so thankful also that the Lord trusted me to raise one of his most precious angels. I hope that I can be the kind of Mother that the Lord sees in me!


  1. I'm glad that he does good for nursery. That's how Jaxon was and is still. He loves his class! I'm a little nervous about Abby, but I think she might be ok. He looks so cute in his church clothes!

  2. He really is such a cute little guy! I love his church outfit!

  3. Oh my heck he is so darn handsome. I love little man outfits like that. :) I will be so relieved when Hayden starts nursery. I hope he transitions as well as Nix did, he is so clingy these days.

    And Im glad you guys had such a fun Christmas. I LOVE that white board/art desk! Im gonna have to keep that in my brain for next Christmas or something. Love it. You have such a cute family. :) I can't believe how fast are kiddos are growing..



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