Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was so fun for us this year. Nixon had a lot of fun and started to actually realize what was going on. Much funner than last year!
The traditions start for us on Christmas eve. We always go to my Uncle Mark's and eat home made clam chowder. (Yummy)
While we are gone we always come home to a special surprise. The Elves take a break from helping Santa Clause and leave us a special present to open up before we go to bed.


Nixon and Daddy opening his gift from the Elves.

It's always the same thing every year. PJ's to wear to bed that night.

Nixon on Christmas morning seeing what Santa left for the first time.

By far Santa scored big time with this art desk, that also doubles as a white board. This is probably Nixon's very favorite thing that he got. When he saw that and how cool it is, he wanted nothing to do with any of the other presents. I think next year I'm going to tell Santa not to wrap so many presents for Nixon cause I ended up opening most of them too!

Happy boy drawing "Pitchurs" at his desk with his new crayons.

More "Circles"

Drawing even more circles on the white board. He loves drawing on his white board so much. It's not my favorite because for some reason the marker doesn't only stay on the white board. We've gotten it all over our clothes and the carpet. (Knock on wood it hasn't touched the walls yet... I hope I didn't speak too soon!!!)

Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Corrie came over Christmas morning to help us open up some presents.

Grandma helping Nixon open up some books from Mommy and Daddy. I scored big time on the books. They are the best books for little kids. I got a steal of a deal on them as well. You need to meet with my really good friend Devyn, who is a consultant for Usborn books, she'll hook you up too. I think I need to take a picture of all the books I got for him for Christmas for a pretty reasonable price. Not only were they priced well, they are so adorable!!

Grandpa helping open more presents.

After all the presents were opened up at home we headed over to Aunt Tauna and Uncle Chad's for even more presents. Nixon got this cool toy that pops balls up. He loves to chase those balls all over the house.

Here is the cute Christmas church outfit that Nixon got from Grandma Corrie. You can't really tell cause he wasn't really cooperating, but it is so so cute!!

Another of the faves, this one was from Daddy. It is a tent that also has a.....
Tunnel! Nix loves crawling through the tunnel and putting things in there.

This is one of my favorite gifts I got from Blake. A SNUGGIE!!! Nixy had to try it on. I think that sadly he'll grow into it. By the way Blake did inform me that he was going to get me the Zebra Snuggie but he decided that it would look funny on him when he uses it. I shouldn't have admitted to me that he bought it more for himself then for me!!
I am actually quite impressed with the snuggie, actually I'm using it right now!

After we went to Tauna's house we headed over to Grandma Nancie and Grandpa Bob's for even more presents and fun. Sadly I didn't take any pictures there for some reason.

One of the highlights was we were able to talk to my brother Colten who is serving a Mission in Missouri. He is doing so well and teaching lots of people. Its amazing how grown up he sounds already even though he's only been gone since Oct. It was so neat to hear him bear the strong testimony that he has gained while serving the Lord.

This time of year is also a great reminder to think of our Lord, Jesus Christ and all the many wonderful things he did for us. That he was born in such humble circumstances, was sinless, and yet made the biggest sacrifice anyone could have ever made for us. He made it possible that all mankind may be forgiven of their sins that we may be able to return to our Heavenly Father one day. I am so thankful for the knowledge that I may be able to be with my sweet husband and the rest of my family for all eternity.

Every Christmas Blake and I have started another tradition that I really enjoy. We watch a movie called "Joy to the world" that is about the birth of Jesus and talks about the true meaning of Christmas.

It was such a wonderful year and I am so Thankful that we were able to spend it with those we love most. Our wonderful family and friends!


  1. He is so so cute! I am glad you guys had a great Christmas!

  2. Cute pictures! I love all your Christmas decor. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas, Nixon got spoiled!! He is so cute! Love you guys! And thanks for the plug :) that's or :)



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