Sunday, July 10, 2011

Three Years Old

Nixon turned 3 Years Old Today! We opened presents first thing in the morning, just the three of us, then invited all of the family over for burgers, cake, and ice cream.
He asked for a Batman/Superhero party and he got just that. It's a good thing he has two Grandmas who are experts in the cake making department. Grandma Nancie made this awesome Batman symbol cake, along with the help of Uncle Loren who drew the design to be piped on.
And Grandma Corrie got really creative and freehanded some webs for the Spiderman cake.
Whoever the photographer was, didn't do a very good job at taking the pictures, they are pretty far away and the only one that we have of Nixon blowing out his candles is super blurry. Oh well. So this was right after he blew out the candles. It's so funny when one of the kids have a birthday, of course all the nieces and nephews want a turn at blowing the candles out, so we have to relight them enough times for everyone to have a turn. This was Nixon's turn.
The cake tasted just as good as it looked. Nixon loved it! His very favorite though is "white" ice cream. He loves it!
Here he is opening some of the awesome gifts he got from family and friends. He is one spoiled boy!

I just love that face! He is so sweet and handsome!

Whats a Superhero Party without a cape.
It's a good thing Grandma is on the ball!
Grandma Corrie spent a lot of time making this really cool cape for Nixon. One side is blue with the Batman symbol, and the other side is red with the Superman symbol. He LOVED it, he probably wore that thing around for two months strait, even to bed.

I can't believe how big Nixon is growing. He is actually 3 1/2 now, and time just keeps flying by so quickly! I keep asking him if he will just stay this big forever because he is just so fun. He tells me "Mom, I can't. I need to be big as Daddy is."

Some of Nixon's favorites include:
Reading stories
Playing pretend, he is always some sort of superhero and I am the "girlfriend"
Running and playing outside in the dirt hills
Watching movies at the "movie peater"
Wrestling daddy
Batman and Spiderman
Singing silly songs
Chasing his dog
and playing at his cousins house.

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