Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gwen 8 Months

 On June 1st Miss Gweny turned 8 months old

During her 7th month, Gweny learned to pull up to standing, and to crawl around the room. 
She has gotten so quick at moving around, and is getting into everything. 

I love this picture of her, but I am really sad at how blurry it is. 
She loves the freedom that she has had from being mobile. 

She is pretty good at standing, but still learning the ropes. 

Gwen still adores her brother and wants to be just like him. 
She gets in trouble by him quite often because she always wants to play with his toys. 
I don't know if she does it just to tease him, 
or just cause she wants to spend time with him. 

We love this sweet little lady!

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