Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun new tag

I wasn't tagged but this looked kind of fun so i'm going to start it...
This is how you play- 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/ collections, 3 surprise facts about your & then 3 people you want to tag!
1. My Husband and soon to be baby
2. Getting lost in a good book
3. Shopping for baby clothes, shopping for anything really (mostly spending money I don't have!)
1. The dark (My husband makes fun of me for it and is trying to break me of the fear!)
2. Something bad happening to someone i love
3. Spiders!!!
1. Start being a better house wife and cooking dinner on a regular basis
2. To have a happy spiritual home
3. Clean out my closet
and 4. just because.... Have this baby soon! I'm so excited for him
1. The Twilight series! I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn to come out!
2. Fancy jewelry (the cheap kind, that looks expensive
3. Snow cones!! Yumm
1. I love to paint (thanks to grandma cook)
2. That I am so obsessed with blogging. It's kinda crazy, I have to browse daily
3. I can't go shopping alone, i need someone to give the approval that something is cute before i can buy it.
1. Devyn
2. Shannon
3. Sandi


  1. oh thank you for tagging me.. now i have to think about myself. i will do it now so i dont forget. yes baby come now!

  2. ps dont worry the 4th isnt that far away tristen

  3. You will blink and he will be here! I am so excited for you to join the mommy club! haha! Thanks for the tag! I hate shopping alone too! And I used to be afraid of the dark. Till I had the girls. Now i can sleep no matter what when I get the chance! haah

  4. Hey thanks for finding me! Now we can be blogging buddies! Congrats on your little guy who is on the way! Little boys are the best!

  5. oh yeah i hear ya! Oh i am so excited for you! It is amazing because no one could begin to explain it to you!:) I am going to guess the 8th!

  6. Hi Tristen! Thanks for finding me too! This is so fun to catch up and see what everyone is up to!



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