Thursday, June 12, 2008

The update on the Tingey's

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. We've been pretty busy working and getting ready for the baby.

Blake has been busy as ever with work. He is finally starting to get some recognition for all of his hard work. He came home really excited the other day and told me that one of the big wigs from the company called him to congratulate him on his good day at work. His branch made over 50 thousand dollars in one day, usually on a good day they make about 6 thousand! So I was really excited for him. He puts his heart and soul into that company.

I had my last three week Dr visit yesterday. He tells me that everything is looking great and that starting now I go in every week until there is a baby. That makes me so nervous. I can't belive that it is already this close! Pretty soon we'll have a little baby boy! Sorry this picture is kinda funny but in a way I like it! We've decided on a name now but I'm still trying to decide how to spell it, I don't know if it should be Nixon, Nixen, Nixin, or what. So I'm open to suggestions.

A few weeks ago I got to watch my baby brother graduate from High School. He's funny every time he sees me or walks past me he rubs my tummy telling the baby to be born on July 6th, (He thinks that would be cool cause thats one of his friends birthdays). I told him that he makes me feel like one of those trolls I had when I was younger where you rubbed it's belly and you would have good luck. Anyways I think he's excited to be an uncle. Congrats on graduating Colt!


  1. hmm.. I like Nixon or Nixen(if you wanna stick with the -en like you and your bros) otherwise Nixon. Its so weird that Colton is graduated! Your mom has no more kids in school.. wow! that has to be an accomplishment!

  2. yay a belly shot! so cute! i like nixon. i think it is the manliest spelling haha.



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