Sunday, October 30, 2011

Going home and First Bath

We were so excited to bring sweet Gweny home from the hospital. We have such amazing friends and family that were there to help us with anything that we needed. Nixon was able to spend the first few nights at Grandma Nancie's house, which he loved. That was so nice for Blake and I because we were able to get a little bit settled in and used to having a new baby around. We had a lot of visitors the first few days and we were so excited to show off our new baby, Nixon included.
Nixon loves his baby sister so much. He always wants to touch her and kiss the top of her head. He is such a good helper and is always willing to help her find her binkie, or bring a clean diaper to mommy or daddy.

The first night home, Tauna and Corrie came over to help me bath Gwen. I always get so nervous with the first few baths because of the umbilical cord stump, and Tauna absolutely loves bathing newborns.

Getting undressed and ready for the bath.

Nixon helping, but mostly being silly. He is a hoot!

Helping with the ice cream scoop?

Getting her hair washed, She screamed throughout the whole bath until we washed her hair. That called her right down and she loved it!

All wrapped up in the cute hooded towel Grandma Nancie made for her.

All ready for bed. After we got her jammies on her she pretty much passed out. That bath was hard work for her, she had cried so hard that she tuckered herself out!

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