Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking Back

At the beginning of September Nixon was able to start Preschool. Before School started there was an open house that the kids were able to attend so they could meet their teachers, some of their classmates, and get used to the classroom. Here are some pics of Nix before the Open House.

Nixon was so excited to meet his teacher.
When it was time to leave the open house, Nixon cried. He had so much fun playing with the toys and had already made a new friend. He was sad that he had to wait for a little while to go back to school.

This was the morning that school started. He was so excited to get ready to go.
Nixon is so lucky that his cousin Jaycie is in his class. They love each other so much, and it was so good for him to have her there with him to help teach him the ropes. Jaycie is one year older than Nixon so she has one more year until she starts Kindergarten so it was so fun that she had experience with the whole Preschool thing.

Here is Nixon getting ready to walk over to pick Jaycie up for school. He is such a gentleman!
Little Stud ready to go to school. He felt so big having a cool Spiderman Backpack.

Cute Miss Jaycie all ready to go. She is such a doll.
The two of them together. They are sure a handful when they are together, but they are also the best of friends.

Later that night after Nixon got home from school he was so sad and wanted to go back. I had to tell him that his teachers, Miss Julie and Miss Nicki weren't there that they had to go home to go to bed and he could go back soon. He was so sad that he couldn't go back yet.
Its amazing all the things that he has learned already. He is learning his letters and the sounds that go with each letter. He has learned how to glue and cut with scissors.

Just last week we got a progress report for Nixon from the fall semester of school. His teachers had really good things to say about him. Some of their comments included "Nixon is a great kid and we are glad to have him in our preschool. He has gotten better at listening and is participating in groups more independantly." He knows his full name and age, many of the shapes and all the colors, and can draw circles and is learning to trace letters. He can also recognize and spell his name when it is shown to him.

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to raise this sweet little bundle of energy. He is such a mommas boy and I love it!

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