Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Years Goals

Ok... So I know that it is like a month into the new year already. And quite honestly, I am not a fan of New Years "Resolutions." Mostly they are just stupid things that people want to accomplish throughout the year, with the main focus on weight loss/getting ready for suimsuit season. Well, I know that I'm not going to loose any weight, and I'm sure a bikini won't look any better on me in six months then it would now, so I'm not going to waste my time on silly resolutions.

Instead I wanted to make a goal for myself, one that I honestly think I can achieve. It's kinda silly really but here is the scoop.
  • At least once a week, or more if my mood allows, I want to blog about something cute, funny, or just downright awesome that my kids do. And it can be anything!
  • Read some form of scripture everynight, even if it is just a single verse. I really want to read the BOM again, I did it years ago when President Hinkley challenged everyone to do it, but it is by far time for me to do it again. Plus I got this beautiful new set of scriptures, I am officially a Tingey, here is proof!
Plus the pages look a little bit dull, they need some life to them.

  • Another goal I have for myself is to be more patient, I am by nature a very impatient person. It is one of my biggest flaws, and I need to learn to be better at it. -Actually, I think I am doing a great job at this one at the moment, I have forgotten how many times I have walked Nixon back to his bedroom now. So help me, If Blake lets him nap until 7:00 one more time I'll have his neck! ;)
There, I think that is a great start. Some goals that are realistic and I know I can accomplish them.

Anyone else have any goals?? Share please!

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