Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My dear sweet Children

Once again linking up with Mama Kat and her writing workshop.

This week was so easy for me to choose.
3. Something your child did or said this week that made you smile.

Well let me start off by saying
that when Nixon first said this it made me cry.
I was having a bad day,
and for some lame reason
I was taking it out on everyone around me
which just happened to be my little family.
Nixon said to me
"mom, I love you even if your mean."

I couldn't believe it!
He told me I was mean!
How dare he!

But now looking back at it,
I was mean.
I was being a big selfish brat.
But I'm so so glad that Nixon knows
that he can tell me how he feels,
and is not afraid.
That we have that type of relationship.
Even if I bawled uncontrolably after his remark.

But even more.
I'm glad that he still loves me,
even when I am mean.
It means the world to me!

A few other sweet comments from my darling kids.

 as she is swinging our poor little Jingle Joe by the feet{elf on the shelf}
"MOMM! Look I found Joe!"
P.s. In case you don't know,
your not supposed to touch the elf on the shelf because he might loose his magic!
Whoops Sorry Joe,
We really hope you can come back tomorrow!

"Mom, I'm the big bad wolf.
I will huff and puff and blow your house down."
She is slightly obsessed with the 3 Little Pigs at the moment.

Sitting in church, leans over
and says {not so quietly}
"mom, I love you"
The lady in front of us turned around and said,
"oh that is just the sweetest"

Belching and burping
"Excuse me"
I said "Nixon, stop burping"
"But Mom, I said EXCUSE ME!
that makes it ok"

And the one that I will never forget,
although it was ages ago.
Nixon likes me to lay with him in bed for a little while
he's rubbing my face and my hair,
N: Mom you nice soft skin
Me: thanks buddy
N: Mom you have such pretty eyes
Me: Oh thank you.
N: Mom you have such awesome hair.
N: Mom you have such awesome all your body parts!
Leave it to a 5 year old to make you feel
the very best!

What funny things have your kids said that you won't ever forget.

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