Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So I am in desperate need of some Mommy advice.

My Nixon is a very VERY friendly 3 year old. 
Which for the most part I think is a good thing. 
Until I found him sitting on some strangers lap at the ball park the other day. 

I told him that we needed to have a talk about strangers and how we don't go talk to people that Mommy doesn't know.  
Obviously my talk didn't work because
He proceeded to tell me that he "loved" the girls lap he was sitting on. 

So I need ideas of how to scare him just enough not to sit on strangers laps, or get into their cars. 
But not so afraid that he won't ever leave the house again. 

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  1. Bart was in Iraq from the time Hailey was a year old to just before she turned three. Where ever we went for the longest time she would seek out people (mostly guys) to hold her or help her with things. I tried to give her leaway thinking she was looking for the daddy influence and I wanted her not to learn to be untrusting of every one, but it continued after he returned. We have had multiple talks and recently they had some teenage boys in a mask try to get a couple girls to get in their car as a joke, so the elementary has been showing stranger danger videos and that has seemed to help the most. Maybe you might be able to find something on the net. Other wise just keep reinforcing it. Hope that helped.



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