Saturday, May 5, 2012

7 Months

This little Lady just gets prettier the older she gets!

She is sitting up all by herself all the time now, but still needs to learn how to lay down on purpose, and without banging her body on the ground. 

Gwen can pick up food and put it in her mouth all by herself. She loves being a big girl and eating snacks alone. Her favorites at the moment are Cheerios

Gwen is getting better at playing on the floor by herself for a short amount of time, as long as she can still see me. If I leave the room she screams till I walk back in, and then she smiles and laughs. 

Gweny has learned how to blow raspberries, smack her lips together, and even managed to grow in 2 teeth over the past month. One sticks up quite a bit further than the other one so she looks like a snaggletooth. You can almost see it in the above pic, her bottom left tooth was the first to pop up. 

She has even learned to roll in a complete circle and not just do the flip flop motion from side to side. She will play on the floor and then when I look at her after a few minutes she has rolled either across the room, under a table or into some sort of furniture. 

And of course, Gwen is still completely infatuated with her brother! She just adores him!

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