Thursday, May 3, 2012

Play Ball!

 This year we decided to sign Nixon up for T-Ball. He was so excited to start, we got him a new mitt, and a bat and some balls. 
A few weeks before his first game we found out who is coach was and the team he was going to be playing for. 

Blake was thrilled when we found out Nixon would be representing the Red Sox because they are his favorite team. 

 Nixon's first game was a few weeks ago. 
Up to bat. 
I love that they coach pitch the ball to the kids and if they don't hit it after a certain amount of tries than they pull out the tee. 
It took Nixon a little while to get the hang of holding the bat right, and when he would swing he would spin in a complete circle
He didn't hit it the first few times, and when they would pull out the tee, instead of hitting the ball he would push it off with his bat. 

And as you can tell he gets bored when it's their turn in the outfield. He always complains because the other kids get the ball before he does. Hmmm.... I wonder why? Those weeds in the grass are pretty distracting if you ask me!

This was his game tonight. 
Team hudle before the game. Nixon is Rockin' the #5!

He is starting to do better each time he plays. He hit the ball on the first pitch each time he was up to bat tonight. He did so great! 

Hopefully by the time he plays next year he won't have to have a stick marking the place where he is supposed to stand, and make the team call him by a superhero name. Today it was "Ben 10" and the opposing team was "aliens" that he was "shooting."

Boys are so funny!

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  1. Jaxon is playing Tball too.. and his team is the Red Sox too! How funny.. but he isn't #5 he is #6 :) He is such a cutie pie!!



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