Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Winter Wonderful

I woke up to snow this morning.
It is not unusal to see snow this time of year in Utah.
Big huge flakes falling to the ground.
a few sticking,
mostly to the grass.

All I could think about was the
fact that I wore the wrong shoes to work today.
The snow was going
to seep into the sides of my flats,
and soak the hem of my pants.

At least I have a heater
under my desk to warm my toes,
and dry my hem.

My kids on the other hand were so excited.
Nixon kept asking
if he could play in it after school.
Gweny kept yelling,
"Mommy so much snow!"
There really wasn't that much snow,
just a sprinkling really.

One of the many reasons to
really love the fact that I am a mother, 
with small children 
who remind me daily about the important 
things in life. 

I wouldn't mind it one bit if this snow 
sticks around for a little while.

What is your favorite weather? 

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