Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Months Old

Miss Gwenyth is 4 Months old today.
Her stats are as follows:
  • Hight: 25 1/4 in 80%
  • Weight: 13lbs 11oz 60%
  • Head: (I don't have the exact measurment with me but it is the 25%
She is right on track and doing things just like she should be. We took some pictures of her tonight with her "4 Month" Sticker. She had so much fun and was flirting with the camera.
I even got a HUGE grin out of her. She is so close to laughing, I know she will start doing it any day now.
A few things about Gwenyth:
  • She is such an easy going, sweet baby
  • She absolutely loves taking baths, and getting a lotion rubdown afterwords
  • She normally only wakes up once in the night to eat, and goes right back to sleep
  • She loves her brother so much, every time he walks in the room her eyes light up and she smiles the biggest smile.
  • She loves to be carried around. There have been a few times when I can only get housework done is if I am carrying her. She must want to learn all the cleaning tricks at an early age so she can start helping with chores!
  • She also loves to be snuggled, especially by her daddy. She already has him wrapped right around her little tiny finger.

I also thought it would be kind of fun to take some pictures of her hair growth, or lack thereof! She has a few hairs on top that are overachievers and are seriously like 5 inches long. The rest of them are pathetic.

The back is just funny altogether. She has a really dark patch, her ducktail as I like to call it, and a really bald spot that she had rubbed off. Hopefully it will start to grow in nicely back there.
She also had her very first pedicure the other day. It didn't go so well. You can't really tell in this picture, but there was polish EVERYWHERE! Those are some dang cute baby toes though!

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