Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day

I sure LOVE Bankers Holidays. I got to spend all day with these sweet faces. We went to lunch at good ol' Mickey Dees so Nixon could burn some energy on the playground, since it was too cold out to play at a real Playground. Gweny was extremely Jealous and wanted to join in on the fun, the time is going to come far too soon where she will be big enough to play with the "big kids."

Then, Blake had to go to work so I had the whole evening to try and keep the kids busy and having fun. I pulled out the playdough and Nixon had a blast rolling it out and cutting shapes into it.

And Gwenyth watched with approval.
Then when she started getting bored I put her in the jumpy toy, I don't know the real name for it so I call it the jumpy toy. She Loved it! She played in there for a good 30 minutes and didn't even complain!

Are those some of the prettiest Big brown eyes you've ever seen or what?

I promise she had fun, this picture would actually make you think otherwise though.

And when we got bored of all of those activities I splurged and let them do their very favorite thing.

Nixon played with his toys. It is so funny to hear him play make believe!

And this is him taking a picture of me when he noticed I was taking pictures of him.
And Gwen Splish splashing. She goes crazy whenever her little body hits the water. She is like a fish! She absolutely LOVES the tub!

All in all it was a fun day spent together!

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  1. Hey Tristen this is Heidi (Alvey) Johnson, I stumbled across your blog by complete accident, but was glad that I did. Your little ones are absolutely adorable. I would love to send an invite to my blog if you would like send your email to



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