Thursday, February 9, 2012


For our 5th Anniversary I surprised Blake with an overnight stay in the lovely Wendover. Our Anniversary was in January, but due to work/babysitting conflicts I booked a room for last night.

My wonderful Mother in Law volunteered to take the kids and off we went.

We acted like Newlyweds again. It was awesome! We sang in the car, as loud as our lungs would allow. We held hands, and snuck kisses from each other. We giggled and played, we sat next to each other at dinner instead of on opposite sides of the table with a kid on each side. And we forgot that we had sweet little ones at home, being naughty for Grandma (ok so we didn't forget about them one bit, but we thought about trying.)

All in all we had a fun time. Blake won $80 playing Black Jack and Craps, I won $11.75 playing slots (don't forget the $0.75, I worked hard for that.) Then we both lost $20 playing Black Jack. We ended up taking home an extra $61.75, and I got the room for cheaper than I originally thought (SCORE!)

We had tons of fun, but were so excited to come home this morning and hug and kiss the kiddos, and of course hear what naughty Perfect Angels they were!

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  1. Happy 5 years! It's always nice to have some alone time!! Glad you had fun! I would be keeping track of my winnings down to the cent as well;)



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