Friday, April 27, 2012

6 Months

Weight- 16 lbs 0 oz  40%
Length- 27 in 75%
Head- 17 in 50%

Some fun facts about Miss Gwen this month. 
She loves anything that is her brother's. If he is playing with a toy, she wants it. I don't know if it's because she thinks it's cool cause he likes it or if she wants to make him mad because she wants it. 

She Loves her Feet. She especially likes to suck on her toes, I think it's just because she has figured out how to get them there!

She loves being outside. Now that it's getting warmer outside we've taken her out a little bit. She loves feeling the cool breeze on her face and just breathing fresh air. 

She has gotten quite a personality and loves to make noise. She sometimes yells just to hear herself yell. Or will sing along with Nixon and I in the car (because we have a few favorites that he jam to quite often.)

She has major "stranger danger" and doesn't want someone she doesn't know holding her. The only time it is ok is if I am sitting right there and she is facing me and not the person trying to love on her. 

We sure love having this sweet girl in our lives!

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