Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas this year! I love Christmas and everything about it. I love spending time with family, and decorating, and of course all the yummy treats and candy that we make!

A tradition that we've always had at my house growing up, that has followed me to my family is that the Elves come and visit on Christmas Eve and leave a present for the kids to open. It has always been new Christmas Pajamas.

Here is Nixon opening his up. We went and looked at lights on Christmas Eve so it was really late when we got home so I didn't get a picture of Nixon or Gwen in their jammies that night. But there are plenty from Christmas morning.
We must have been on the Nice list this year! Look what Santa Clause left!
It is always the best part to see his face when he walks into the Living Room and see all the presents waiting to be opened up. He's sleepy, but excited!
I'm helping Nixon dig into his stocking to see what kind of prizes were in there.
A few of the Uncles helping Gwen check hers out.

She was mad that we wouldn't open the Candy Cane for her. I guess Santa's helpers forgot that she doesn't have any teeth yet.

Blake enjoying the company!

Checking everything out!
This year Nixon was infatuated with everything "Batman" and "Lego guys." One of my brothers still have a bunch of Legos from when he was younger and Nixon has loved building Lego guys with him. That is all he asked Santa for this year was "a green Lego Guy."

Here is a Batman
The first present that Nixon picked up made lots of rattling noise when he shook it and he knew immediately what it was. He ran over to one of the Uncles and wanted them to build it for him right then. He didn't care about any of the rest of the packages waiting to be opened, he wanted to play with the lego guy!

He did of course get a "Green Lego Guy" even though it doesn't prove that in the pictures. In all he got four lego guys, and three really awesome Super Hero Lego guys. An Iron Man, Spiderman, and Captain America. After everything was opened he spent the rest of the morning perched at the table waiting for Daddy, Grandpa, and his Uncles to put together his stash of Legos!
Gwen of course wasn't too sure of what was going on, but she was entertained nonetheless.
Uncle Loren was in charge of helping her open up her presents, and he kept just holding them there in front of her face. I had to remind him that she couldn't open them by herself, then he would use her fingers to open them up. He is silly!

I was THRILLED to get my new Vaccume! I have needed a new one for so long. I got spoiled and the Elves made a special Orack for me, including a stair vaccume! WHOO HOO!
Nixon also got a really cool T-rex Pillow Pet from Aunt Tauna and Uncle Chad. He named it "Rex." Original I know!
A cute hat Grandma Corrie gave him.
Gwen got to the point where she just wanted to lay and kick on the floor, oh and eat the wrapping paper. And did you notice the adorable ornament that Nix made me in the background of this pic! I wish you could see the picture that is in there, it's hilarious!
Me and my boy playing with his new "Leak Pad." I personally LOVE this toy! I think it is such a great thing, and teaches him all sorts of cool things!

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