Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is how I found Nixon the other day. Once again playing with his favorite toy, his "leak pad." He doesn't look entirely comfortable, but who am I to say.

I think I may have already mentioned this, but this is probably the best toy investment that we have ever made. It was kinda pricy, but it is awesome! The games teach him how to draw shapes, find patterns and write letters and recognize letters as well. There are also books that can be downloaded that he loves to look at and read along with. Needless to say we go through quite a few batteries for this thing! (I need to invest in rechargeable ones, that would be far more economical)

And Gwen can sit up all by herself already! Just in time for her Six-Month Birthday! She sat this way for a good 20 minutes. I of course don't trust her on her own yet so I stayed right there cause she still does have a tendency to topple. She loves that she can have a good look at everything that is going on around her. And I think that she loves being so big like her brother.

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