Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St. Patty's Day

We have a fun tradition that every St. Patrick's day Nixon and his cousins build Leprechaun traps to try and catch a Leprechaun to get his Gold. This is the process of building the traps.

After awhile the kids got bored and pretty much Chad, Tauna and I finished making the traps.
All of them lined up ready to be set up.
His had a swinging door that we were hoping would trap one.
Jaycie's had one that a cage would fall on top of him.

Hunter's was similar to Jaycie's but had reinforced sides so there was a good chance the Leprechaun wouldn't be able to break the bars.
Nixon took his home and set it all up, with some "Lucky Charms" as a bribe. (It's almost impossible to take a decent picture of this kid, he likes to be silly way too often)
Much better smile in this one.

Well... We didn't end up catching one this year. He must have been way too strong because he broke through the bars. But the bait must have worked cause all the marshmallows were gone and the rest were crushed to bits. But he did leave Nixon a note telling how close he was, a few prizes and of course some gold (the real kind as well as the chocolate kind). I also heard from Hunter that the Leprechaun he almost caught came prepared with matches because his cage was set on fire! Those sneaky buggers!

I also made sure to find some cute shirts for the kids to make sure they didn't get pinched for not wearing Green!
I would for sure kiss this Boy! And we really do have a little bit of Irish in us, my dad's mother was part Irish so this shirt fits!
I didn't get a pic of Gwen in her outfit except this one, but she is wearing a cute little dress that says "Luckiest Girl Ever" She sure is lucky to have such a sweet brother as this one!


  1. Love those traps!! Super cute! ANd look at those stinking cute kids!



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