Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Date night

On Saturday last week,
I went on a date with my boy,
and we took my Mother in Law along for the ride.
Ok, ok, I admit it,
She took us!
We stopped at Crown Burger on the way,
then headed to the game.
The Jazz got spanked.
Like bare butt spanked hard.
It was terrible,
I think they lost by 30,
but were down more than that at one point.

Blake was working that night,
so we got to see him in his official "uniform."
(Not much better than a man in uniform)
Gweny got to go play with Grandpa that night.
She got to spend the evening
watching movies, 
eating cookies and chocolate chips, 
and drinking diet coke.  
Grandpa told me that she was an angel.
She is always behaves so much better for other people.
Thats a good thing right?

We had so much fun!
The first thing Nixon said when we got there was:
N: Mom, I want to play for the Jazz.
Me: that sounds like a great idea ($$)
Me: I will have to look at see how old you have to be to play Jr. Jazz.
N: No Mom, I don't want to play Jr. Jazz... I want to play with these guys.
I think he'd be a great ball player!

Another funny story.
Nixon had to go to the bathroom.
So I took him to the women's so I could help him wash his hands etc.
He is in the stall doing his business,
and I am standing outside it.
He is giving me a detailed play-by-play
of what is happening in the stall.
I said:
"Nixon, there are other people in here
and they don't want to hear what is happening in there."
He continued to tell me.
I once again told him to stop,
it was quite disturbing, and very detailed.
A lady comes out a few stalls down
and sees me standing there.
She says to me,
"I enjoyed hearing about it!"

Oh my, only the parent will understand
the way I felt.
I had to laugh, it was quite cute!

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