Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life Lately

Life has been so crazy for the last month or so at our house.
I have a new job!
It is still through Zions,
 but in a different department with a different title. 
This has been a blessing to our family,
but has also been quite a transition. 
I now work full time, where before I was only part time.
The department I work for is so fun!
They care about each other, 
and still have fun. 
They are a close knit group 
and everyone is so willing to help me out
 when I have questions.

The best thing about the job, 
is that I am still located in the same branch
so I am still really to home. 
Also another "perk" to the job, 
is I have a desk... (SCORE!)
 and a chair, (double SCORE)
which means I get to wear high heels to work!!
(Holy crap that is awesome!)
I may or may not have gone on a shoe
shopping spree shortly after starting.
Shhh don't tell the Hub! 

Speaking of the Hubs,
Blake is still working two jobs.
One because he has to,
and the other because he loves it.
His second job is part time at the Energy Solutions Arena.
Here he is a Security Guard.
He works mostly in the underground parking
where the Jazz players, tour busses, and "high ups" park.
He has seen some really neat cars,
driven a few,
and met some neat people.
I think that he mostly likes working there so
he can brag about which player he
high fived that day.
(I don't think he has really high fived anyone)
Or who said hello to him.
He is going to be working
less days during the week now so hopefully
he will take me to a few games and
I can high five someone too!

The kids are going to daycare now,
which was something I avoided for as long as possible. 
But I found a great place to take them. 
I absolutely love the lady that runs it.
She is so good with children 
and has had this daycare open at her house for years. 
What makes it even better is
 the kids love to go to Miss Kaye's house!
She does a little preschool for the younger kids, 
while the older ones are at school. 
She teaches them letters, shapes, numbers,
colors, and much more.
Gweny is always so excited
to bring home her project that she worked on
at daycare.
She insists that it be displayed on the fridge,
and then makes sure that
anyone who comes into the house notices it
and comments on it.

Nixon is in Kindergarten!
(Holy Smokes!!)
Which he LOVES!!!
And I think it loves him too.
He is so smart and catches on to things way quick.
Especially how to avoid homework.
Yeah my 5 year old has figured the trick out already.
I think I was at least Jr. High
before I figured it out.
He just leaves it at school,
then he doesn't have to do it that night.
He even admitted it to me!
Little Stinker!
One of my clients brought up a good point
"next time he doesn't bring it home, make sure you make some
homework for him to do.
That way he won't get out of it so easy."
I've got my eye on that boy!

This new job has brought up cleaning/cooking challanges.
I'm not, nor have ever been
Miss Fancy-always-has-a-clean-house-and-dinner-cooked
but now it's even worse!
If you know of any tips/tricks/recipes
please share!!

Here is to new beginnings!

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