Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jammin' Friday.... On Thursday

This weeks song was a no brainer to me.
1. It's Halloween.
2. All time best Halloween Song
3. Michael Jackson, need i say more.

Enjoy one of my Favs

As a little girl, my dad taught me to love MJ just as much as he did.
When I was young I was terrified of this music video,
I would close my eyes,
until it got to the part where they would all dance.
I couldn't tear my eyes away from the dancing.
Michael Jackson {in my eyes and I'm sure many others}
 is the greatest entertainer who ever lived.
My biggest dream growing up was
that one day I would attend a Michael Jackson Concert.
I guess that dream
will never come true, so this has to be the next best thing.

Who is your all time favorite artist?

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