Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New addition

Ok, so not really a new addition.
But we are in the process of finishing our upstairs.
When we built the house, the plans had a bonus room above the garage.
We wanted to save a little money so we have the contractor
only do what was necessary in the room to pass inspection.
That left us with sheetrock only up to our waists,
no insulation, and particle board for floors.

We have lived in our house for almost 5 years
and we are just getting around to finishing.
Blake did pretty much everything on his own.
It's kinda fun to say that he {kinda}
built the room.
He did the wiring, sheetrock,
{we did pay someone to do the mudding and sanding, that job is for the birds!}
molding, and beadboard.

And right now we are painting!
Which means we all have paint in our hair, hands, arms,
and pretty much everywhere.

Here is a sneak peak!
Just some more paint and then carpet!

I'm so excited to have somewhere to put kids toys,
and if you ask Blake, it's his mancave.
I'll let him keep thinking that at least until he has finished his projects.

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